Referrals (Mortgage, Moving, Utilities)

Moving Professionals
Grant Macpherson, JK Moving Services, 540-533-8787

Mortgage Professionals
Pat Kliewer, Everbank, 703-915-8556
Kathy Keller, Carrington Home Loans, 888-267-0584
Erica Mueller, Bank of America, 703-433-5475

Disclaimer: Evergreen Ridge Realty does not have a business affiliation with any of these professionals. We do not recommend one mortgage professional over another. We recommend you interview several mortgage professionals, from this list or others, to find the one right for you. Past customers of Evergreen Ridge Realty have provided positive feedback about these, above mentioned, mortgage professionals. This is not an all-inclusive list of mortgage professionals available to the public.


Verizon 1-800-837-4566
Dominion Power (electric) 1-888-782-0455
Dish Network 1-800-823-4929
Comcast (cable, Loudoun County) 1-888-266-2278
Cox Communication (cable Fairfax County) 1-703-378-8422
Direct TV 1-877-612-8215
Washinton Gas 1-703-750-1400

For Public Water Service, please contact us, as providers of this service vary, per location.

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